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Shahpura House

Once the residence of the erstwhile rulers of Shekhawat clan of Rajputs, Shahpura House today is one of the best luxury heritage hotels of Jaipur. A mix of Mughal, Rajasthani and Indian styles of architecture, this property offers amalgam of old Rajputana hospitality and new-age conveniences. Just 4 km from the city center, this heritage hotel has luxurious interiors as well as exteriors. (Information from Heritage Hotels of India)

Lobby and Grounds

First off, From the moment you enter the hotel, you will notice that this is not your normal chain hotel stay. When you first walk into the hotel, you are given a welcome gift of a flower necklace, then you are taken to a lounge to sit down and relax, At this point the hotel staff member takes your passport and starts the check in process in the other room, while you are provided with a refreshing juice drink. A few moments later the front desk agent returns with your paper work about your stay to sign. At this point, you are then given a tour of the property where you will find that there is a pool, bar, restaurant, lounge with pool table, outdoor courtyard, and indoor relaxation areas. The tour ends with you being shown your guest room.

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms are not your typical hotel guest rooms either. The room I stayed in was a “Deluxe Double Room”. It featured two double beds with a very small wardrobe. There is also a sitting area with a coffee table and a few chairs. The room featured a more modern bathroom with a very nice walk in shower.

The doors to the hotel are very old school using a sliding latch to lock the door. When you leave for the day, you will need to secure your room using your provided padlock and key. Make sure you leave the key at the front desk if you want housekeeping to clean your room for you while you are out. It was nice by day 3 when the front desk agent just pulled the key out as you walked into the hotel like they knew you!

The Pool is nice and featured a deep and shallow end. It also had water fall features that would turn on and light up at night.

You can find more information on the Shahpura House on their website.