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Travel of Matt

Technik Museum Speyer

Where to even start with this one. This is one of the largest collection of items I have ever seen in one place. Everything from ships, to airplanes, bikes, to fire trucks, cars, to trains, and so on. This is a must to check out if you are looking for something to do in Germany. This place will take at least 4 hours to see it quickly, 8 hours to really see it.

When you walk into this place you will not know where to start. Inside the main building there are fire trucks and cars from all over the world. a very old pipe organ and a two story MaryGoRound.

If you even look close enough you will find an old Funicular car from Heidelberg.

Heading out of the main building you will find a lot of vintage recently retired aircraft. What is very cool about this place is a lot of the exhibits allow you to enter inside and check it out. This allows you to experience an exhibit like never before. One thing also is that they dont try to modify the planes like a lot of other museums do.

F-BTTB Air Inter Dassault Mercure
Inside of the Dassault Mercure
cockpit of the Dassault Mercure

They also had a recently retired Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 (D-ABYM) on display that you could go inside and check out. Towards the back of the plain on the main floor they actually removed some of the floor panels so you could go down into the cargo hold and look around too. The plane was mounted up about 100 Feet in the air (lots of stairs to climb) but featured a slide to get down for the kids.

Boeing 747-8 (D-ABYM)
cockpit of 747-8
cockpit of 747-8
First Class on Deck 2
Main Cabin on Deck one (front of Plane)
Main Cabin on Deck one (Back of plane)
Cargo Hold
View from the Wing

You could even walk out on the wing and see the plane from the side.

Once you are done with the outside areas, there is another building that contains the Space exhibits and the motorcycle collection. This building also features an automated souvenir maker and some other miscellaneous attractions.

Russian Buran spacecraft OK-GLI

The Russian Buran spacecraft featured here is a testing unit that actually flown 25 times. It was very interesting to see how this compares to the USA Space Shuttle spacecraft as they almost look identical at a glance but are very different.

Cargo Hold of OK-GLI Spacecraft

I Could go on and on about all the exhibits here, but i think you would be better off to go in person and-see them yourself. I will leave you with some more photos to check out.