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Sheraton Carlton Hotel Nuernberg

I will start out this post with an interesting fact. Nuremberg is actually spelt Nurenberg. The American version of the name is spelled like it originally sounded.
English: Nuremberg, German: Nürnberg, Original: Nuorenberc. There is your fun fact of the day. Now back to my normal review post.

For this trip I picked the Sheraton over the Le Meridian in Nurnberg. They both had the same rates and availability, but I have not stayed at very many Sheraton Carlton hotels yet, so I decided to give it a try. First off, The hotel has a parking lot outside that is 15 Euros a day. If you drive around the corner, there is a parking garage entrance for the garage under the hotel that is free. I opted for the parking garage. The garage is very tight and you should let everyone get out of your car before you pull into one of the spots. The spots are also mini elevators allowing the hotel to “stack” cars on top of each other. If your car is on top or below the ground, just hit the intercom button and a staff member will come and operate the lift for you.

  When I arrived at the front desk I was informed that there were no upgrades available and i would have to stay in my booked king room. (This trip I decided to not precheck in with the marriott app to see what my chances of upgrades were.) I accepted this and then went upstairs to my room. This hotel is a 9 floor building with the 8th floor being the Executive Lounge and the 9th floor being the Pool, Fitness, and Sauna. The pool and hot tub *spa* had very clear blue water and fantastic views of the city.

The guest room was a good size King room. It featured a desk, tv, large king bed, good size bathroom and 3 phones. The room smelled fresh and had no visible dust or debris. The Bed was very comfy, however i needed to use 3 pillows in order to get the firmness I like. One of the nice things about this hotel is that it has bed side light switches to turn off all the lights in the room. Nothing is worse than getting into bed and realizing you left the entry way light on.

The room also featured other amenities as well like 3 Phones (Desk, Bed, and Bathroom), a Safe, Desk and Chair, Table and chair, luggage rack, and a large closet with plenty of storage.

The Bathroom was also very clean and large. One thing I noticed is there were a LOT of towels in the bathroom. More then i would ever normally use in a 4 day visit. I soon found out why.. (more in a minute on that). The bathroom featured a good sized shower / tub, a clean toilet, a bidet, large mirror, sink, and a heater. This shower was missing one thing.. A shower curtain. At first I thought this was a mistake, but after talking to other people staying at the hotel, their rooms were the same. In fact there was not even a shower curtain rod. There was, however a glass panel door that only covered about 40% Of the shower. So i closed the shower glass panel and started the water. The Pressure was excellent and the temperature was good. The bathroom also featured extra shampoo and soap bottles.

Once i was done with my shower, i quickly discovered what all the towels were for.. The floor.. The floor was covered in water from over splash in the shower. I ended up using every towel and a bathrobe to absorb all the water up.

Other then stepping out in the lake, the bathroom was very good.

On the 8th floor there is an Executive Lounge. It featured a bar and a small food buffet. It also had an outdoor area with tables overlooking the city.

Bonus: Photos from outside Lounge :

Overall, I will defiantly keep this hotel in mind next time I am in the Nuremberg area.